Digital Journey—beginnings

In the beginning, the reality of Digital Disruption is not always evident.

It is understandable that when organizations have been successful over long periods, the notion of being displaced by upstarts lacks credibility.

That is what Kodak might have thought, when they buried their own invention, the digital camera, because it might have affected sales of film.

But that did not stop the inevitable domination of the digital camera, a device which in a few short years gutted the Kodak company, and one which we all now carry with us, without so much as giving it a thought.

So it is with organizations. In the early days of digital disruption, much of our time was taken up with alerting companies to the threat. At KMC, we have assisted many organizations, both large and small, with understanding the reality of Digital Disruption, specific to their own industry.

But even today, according to MIT, while 85% of companies regard Digital Disruption as real (and 67% of CIOs self-describe as transformational), only 15% of organizations have strategies in place to counter disruption.

So, being conscious of a threat is just the start. We also have to take action. That means defining strategies, and implementing them.

Are you prepared?


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