Our Story

After more than two decades of managing divisions in large companies, Richard realized that it does not have to be this hard…

Richard Raj, founder and principal consultant, established Knight’s Move Consulting to provide small and medium enterprises with the same level of quality and service that big companies were paying through the nose for, but at a fraction of the effort, time and cost.

In today’s digitally enabled world, we have now reached a point where global good practices have been resolved. There is no need to start with a blank sheet of paper in order to enable our organizations.

Richard’s goal is to democratize business transformation, so every enterprise, whatever their nature or size, can meet the challenges of digital disruption, and participate as winners in the new economy.

We are driven by values

We take a value based approach to business, focused on customer value, collaboration, flexibility, and excellence


We believe business is about relationships. We will always go the extra mile.


Of course your business means more to you than it possibly could to anyone else; but when you engage with us, we will commit to you as if we worked for you


We do not have floors of graduates waiting for your call. Our tight team of consultants each have a minimum of 20 years IT and Management consulting experience, and are certified in relevant and applicable disciplines

John Doe

Jedi Master

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”

Richard Raj

Founder and Principal Consultant